on story Tellin 2

story Tellin masterpiece
that survived for thousand years
and inspired Shakespeare, Grimms
guided millions through their ears

guided hero with the dream
glues together any team

points direction, eases pain
influences every brain


why we buy ?

ever wondered what really draws
attention of Your Clients?

what if there only two basic things
that work wih everyone?

and it seems like they’ve worked
for last 2 mln years

sex & conflict

think about it with
every single thing You consume:

-STORY(film, book, football game – no explanation needed)
-CAR (You buy if for reproduction purposes: either to impress a girl or drive the kids to school)
-FOOD(same:fancy restaurant for your date and some kind of McDonalds for your kids)

hey, if You sell anything,
wouldn’t You want to know
what’s really worked
for 2 mln years

open Your eyes

on motivation

this is a great Tale of how
Stories influence
human actions

Dr Schultz influences Django
with the old Love legend
of Sigurd und Brunhilde

Calvin Candie with a story of
how differently the brain of black and white man is shaped
tries to explain the culture behind slavery

Django with a bounty hunter story influences the slave traders,
wins his freedom and saves his life

and finally Django story influences other enslaved Americans
to stand up for their freedom

masterpiece from TarantULLino 🙂