what women love?

there is an old story on what women really love…

– Trust me mate, every single woman loves gold
– okay
– What is the only kind of gold that women don’t love?
– What is it?
– … Silence πŸ™‚

if speech is silver,
moments of pause are Gold

these are the moments that Your listener’s brain
does an amazing job of filling the GAP
it fills it with it’s own dreams and expectation

inspired by:


on joke telling

if Your life depends on selling
think of mastering joke telling

You will convince any bloke
If You serve an inside joke πŸ™‚

here’s a book and there’s a movie
take a look and try to prove it

on welcoming Monday

there’s an old joke about
how we feel getting back
to work after the weekend.

– Cheer up mate,
What is most difficult after the weekend?

– What is it?

– it’s just first 4 to 5 days πŸ™‚

here’s my little reply to
a problem that most of us face a the end of a weekend

in the evening every Sunday
there it’s coming – scary Monday
what You must do forms it scarry
there’s the way to make it merry

skip conventions, let go of,
focus on the thing You love
instead of working only play
Monday’s stunning, any day πŸ™‚

inspired by the movie You probably know

why we buy ?

ever wondered what really draws
attention of Your Clients?

what if there only two basic things
that work wih everyone?

and it seems like they’ve worked
for last 2 mln years

sex & conflict

think about it with
every single thing You consume:

-STORY(film, book, football game – no explanation needed)
-CAR (You buy if for reproduction purposes: either to impress a girl or drive the kids to school)
-FOOD(same:fancy restaurant for your date and some kind of McDonalds for your kids)

hey, if You sell anything,
wouldn’t You want to know
what’s really worked
for 2 mln years

open Your eyes

on motivation

this is a great Tale of how
Stories influence
human actions

Dr Schultz influences Django
with the old Love legend
of Sigurd und Brunhilde

Calvin Candie with a story of
how differently the brain of black and white man is shaped
tries to explain the culture behind slavery

Django with a bounty hunter story influences the slave traders,
wins his freedom and saves his life

and finally Django story influences other enslaved Americans
to stand up for their freedom

masterpiece from TarantULLino πŸ™‚

on story Tellin

whatever You do,
in order to sell,
don’t harass the man,


storyteLL Your Client
storyteLL Your Wife . . .

… she is gonna Love it
he will surely buy

Storytell them ever
don’t let of the hook

wanna build the habbit
get Yourshellf the book